Careers Programme Information

What does Careers Provision look like at Linden Lodge

Careers Guidance

Each young person from year 7 onwards receives internal and external careers advice. Students are vocationally profiled by an experienced internal careers advisor- this is the beginning of their career education. Their individual vocational profile follows them throughout their time at the school. This information can then be used to inform future employers of individual aspiration and career experience. The vocational profile includes:

  • Identifying career interests
  • Long term outcomes and individual aspirations
  • Baseline of the individual
  • Individual learning programme
  • Ongoing assessment of individual learning programme


Linden Lodge provides meaningful opportunities to gain real life work experience in a variety of internal and external settings.  This is achieved by using student’s vocational profiles and matching their individual interests and aspirations to work placements.  We ensure that students are prepared for the world of work. Work related skills are embedded in the curriculum from Year 7 onwards.

Community and employability sessions allow students to gain the necessary skills needed to enter the world of work.  These skills include: interview skills, how to search and apply for a job, CV writing and how to present and communicate with employers.  We also teach young people travel training skills, independent living skills (which could potentially lead to supported living).  We support students to develop and maintain friendships and support them to access facilities in the local community.

We recognise and celebrate each student as an individual.  Student’s individual aspirations and vocational profiling allow the careers lead to support finding suitable placements.  This includes:

  • Volunteering within the local community
  • Enterprise opportunities and charity projects
  • Internal and external work placements: Linden Lodge Café Project, Linden Lodge Radio
  • Engagement with community projects
  • Supported internships
  • Traineeships


External partners and supporting agencies

We work closely with the Department for Work and Pensions and Access to work.  We work in partnership with: Blind in Business, Mencap, Sight for Surrey, RNIB, Rinova and local businesses.   

As part of Linden Lodge School’s commitment to supporting students in preparation for adulthood, further education and employment, we have been working closely with an organisation called “Blind in Business” who are a leading driving force to ensuring young people with vision loss have the skills, knowledge and understanding for what it takes to be successful in the future.

Year Group

Careers Opportunities

Whole School Provision From Y8 onwards


Students will be vocationally profiled by Careers Teacher. This marks the start of the Careers Journey. 


Students will be actively encouraged and supported by teachers to investigate work places of interest.


Personalised Vocational Profile and Careers Portfolio

Annual Careers and Transition Fairs organised for different pathways

Enrichment Speakers visit school

Visits to work places

Work Experience within school internally :Linden Lodge Café Project and Linden Lodge Radio

Work Experience outside School:


Voluntary/ Charity Projects Locally:

Participate in Disability Awareness Training for Parents and Employers – Mencap Here I am.


Students to contribute to the Linden Lodge Case For Business which details statistics explaining the benefits of employing someone with a disability.


*Students will be actively encouraged and supported by teachers to investigate work places of interest during weekly Careers sessions with class teachers.



Students will begin internal work experience in Summer Term. This will give students a chance to begin to apply work skills learnt in class.



Students will continue internal work experience. Students will use personalised careers portfolio assessment to address any skills that need to be worked on and improved. 


Students will now move onto external voluntary / work experience placements. Work experience projects should be long term so skills can be worked on and ideally weekly.

12 ,13 and 14

Students will now move onto external voluntary / work experience placements.


 Careers Leader: Magdalena Karpik